FAQs & Answers

How much is tuition?

Tuition ranges from $1400-$5,000 per year, per student, depending on the situation and the age of the student when enrolled.  This includes books.


Do you wear uniforms?

Yes.  Uniforms are not included in the tuition.


What religious beliefs are taught?

Our school is not run by any particular church or denomination.  Rather, we strive to uphold basic Trinitarian Christian moral teachings and beliefs without delving into particular doctrines.  Doctrinal teaching is the province of the family.  Our goal is to support what your child learns at home and at church by teaching all subjects with the underlying belief that God created the world and that Jesus Christ is His Son.

Parents can expect that students might be required to memorize Bible verses and that Christian prayers might be said before meals or at other times.  Some years we choose to include a brief, daily chapel service if time allows, but again, we avoid the promotion of any particular doctrine.


What hours is school in session?

The current schedule for the upper school (grades 6-12) is 8:00am-2:30pm.  This includes a break for lunch.  Teachers may give other breaks as they deem necessary.

The lower school (grades K-5) currently lets out at 1:00pm.  Lower school students have a snack period, a lunch period, and two recess breaks.  If any student in the lower school needs extra tutoring, or is ready for advanced Latin, he or she might be asked to stay past 1:00.


Is the yearly calendar the same as local public schools?

Our calendar is very similar but is not necessarily the same as the local public schools.   We do however cancel classes for snow whenever Henry County schools do so.  It is also possible we might call a snow day when Henry County does not, if our director deems it necessary.


What subjects are taught?

All basic academic subjects are taught (English, history, mathematics, science, etc.).  We teach cursive handwriting beginning in the 2nd grade.  All grades study Latin.


Do you have sports, music, arts, or other extra-curricular activities?

We are expanding our extra-curricular offerings all the time.  Currently we have music class for the lower school, English country dance instruction for all grades from time to time, and art concepts are included in other classes as opportunities arise.

Tuition for all boys includes membership in the Henry County Wrestling Academy which meets Tuesday afternoons in the gym at 2:45.

We hope to add more sports in the coming years.  Parents or other volunteers are welcome to arrange with the school to offer a special program of any type.  For example, we have had live animal demonstrations and a bagpipe demonstration in the past.  Other ideas might include arranging weekly softball in the park after school during the spring or a weekly basketball clinic one month in the winter.  We would love to have your input and participation!


Are you accredited?

No.  Whether we were accredited by the state or by a private institution, we would then have to abide by their standards in education, religious teaching, issues of political correctness, etc. We strive to set our own very high standard and choose to retain our independence until such time as we find an accrediting body whose standards match our own.


Can my child go to college with a CGCS diploma?

Absolutely!  Thus, far in our young history we have four graduates, and each of them was accepted into the college of his or her choice.  Some have received scholarships as well.


What does it mean that the school is classical?

Classical education is a concept not easily defined, but very basically it seeks to teach students how to think, how to learn, and to love learning.  This concept underlies everything else.  The school years should only be the beginning of one’s education.  A classical education may be thought of as a solid foundation upon which the high school graduate will then build for the rest of his or her life.  What can you do with a classical education?  Anything!


How is CGCS different from a public school?

For a more thorough understanding of the answer to this important question, please contact us and arrange a time to visit the school and get to know us.  However, very briefly it could be said that, as an independent school, we are not beholden to political correctness or bureaucracy, or any of the other things that often distract from true learning in the public  school system.  We teach students to become independent learners as early as possible, thereby freeing them to learn at their own pace.  No child is left behind because each child is treated as an individual.  They are not all expected to work at the same pace.  Competition is not the goal, but rather that each child reaches his or her greatest potential.


Need more information?  There are many ways to contact us.

During school hours call 731-782-3711.

Call or text 731-695-0171 anytime.

 Email us at Cottagegroveschooltn@gmail.com

Find us on the web at www.cottagegroveschool.com

 and www.facebook.com/cottagegroveschool