How to Apply

Parents should read the CGCS Handbook before applying.

To apply, complete and sign this application and read and sign the handbook.  Mail them along with a $30 application fee to Cottage Grove Christian School, 6800 Church St., Cottage Grove, Tennessee 38224 or feel free to call or email to make other arrangements.

Application (pdf)

CGCS Handbook

The CGCS Handbook contains the policies of CGCS. Parents should read this carefully before applying.

CGCS Handbook 2017-08

Preparing Your Young Child for Success in School

The most important years of your child’s education are from ages 1-4. You, the parent, are the first and most important teacher in your child’s life. You are irreplaceable in forming your child and preparing him for successful formal education later on. There is no substitute for what you will give your child in the years before he enters school.

Before a child is “school-ready”, he needs to be able to:… click to continue

For more useful information on how to prepare your child for school, see